The Gettysburg Magazine

For those interested in the Gettysburg Campaign of 1863, The Gettysburg Magazine answers the call. Concentrating solely on the Gettysburg Campaign, the magazine gives an in-depth study of the events that took place at America’s most famous battle. Filled with 124-132 pages of editorial and no advertising. The Gettysburg Magazine is a must for Civil War enthusiasts.

Issue NumberDate of Publication
Issue Number 1July/1989
Issue Number 2January/1990
Issue Number 3July/1990
Issue Number 4January/1991
Issue Number 5July/1991
Issue Number 6January/1992
Issue Number 7July/1992
Issue Number 8January/1993
Issue Number 9July/1993
Issue Number 10January/1994
Issue Number 11July/1994
Issue Number 12January/1995
Issue Number 13July/1995
Issue Number 14January/1996
Issue Number 15July/1996
Issue Number 16January/1997
Issue Number 17July/1997
Issue Number 18January/1998
Issue Number 19July/1998
Issue Number 20January/1999
Issue Number 21July/1999
Issue Number 22January/2000
Issue Number 23July/2000

Gettysburg Magazine Issue 24
Issue #23 is now available at $7.95 per copy plus $3.20 for Priority Mail shipment (Total: .15). All back issues are also available (in limited quantities) at $7.95 plus shipping.

Subscribe to the next four issues (24-27) for $30.00 including postage. A savings of $13.80 over the individual issue price.

Gettysburg Magazine Binder
Custom made clamshell binder will hold a dozen Gettysburg Magazines(no magazines included). Available in blue or gray cloth. All handmade to order. Free shipping in the U.S. when ordering a Book. -$35.00

Gettysburg Magazine Index (covering issues 1-17) is also now ready at the standard issue price ($7.95 plus shipping), but will be included free to subscribers—a $54.75 value for just $30.00.

We have published over 3000 pages in 24 issues without advertising;the issues contain nothing but text, photos, and maps. Nothing has ever been attempted on this scale on a single battle before. Each is 124-132 pages and introduced by Civil War historian Edwin C. Bearss.