Gettysburg Magazine

Gettysburg Magazine


January 1997
  • The Flying Brigade: Brig. Gen. George Stannard and the Road to Gettysburg by Christopher C. Dickson.
  • Wasted Gallantry: Hood’s Texas Brigade at Gettysburg by Daniel M. Laney.
  • The 7th New Jersey in the Gettysburg Campaign by Paul J. Lader.
  • “The Terrible Impetuosity:” The Pennsylvania Reserves at Gettysburg by Jeffrey F. Sherry.
  • Personal Battle Weapons of the Civil War: Capt. George F. Tait and the 10th New York Zouaves Encounter “Pickett’s Charge” by Wiley Sword.
  • Dr. Billy’s Battles by Roger Long.
  • Stuart’s and Gregg’s Cavalry Engagement, July 3, 1863 by David L. and Audrey J. Ladd.
  • Merritt’s Regulars on South Cavalry Field: Oh, What Could Have Been by Eric J. Wittenberg.
  • Gettysburg’s Last Surviving Soldier: James Marion Lurvey by Jay S. Hoar.

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  • “Guts and Good Leadership: The Action at the Railroad Cut, July 1, 1863” by D. Scott Hartwig.
  • “The Defense of McPherson’s Ridge” by D. Scott Hartwig.
  • “Three Flags at Gettysburg” by Alan Nolan.
  • “With the Iron Brigade Guard at Gettysburg” by Lt. Loyd C. Harris, 6th Wisconsin Infantry, edited by Lance J. Herdegen and William J. K. Beaudot.
  • “Berdan’s Sharpshooters at Gettysburg” by Roy Marcot.
  • “A Letter of Oliver W. Norton.” Edited by James R. Wright.
  • “The Supreme Moment In Its Existence – The 140th New York on Little Round Top” by Brian Bennett.
  • “Our Principal Loss was in this Place, Action at the Slaughter Pen and at south end of Houck’s Ridge, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, 2 July, 1863” by Kathleen Georg Harrison.
  • “Their Supreme Moment: Barksdale’s Brigade at Gettysburg” by Terrence J. Winschel.
  • “Action on the Emmitsburg Road, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 2, 1863” by John Heiser.
  • “J. E. B. Stuart and Gettysburg” by Paul R. Gorman.
  • “The Battle of Hunterstown, Pennsylvania, July 2, 1863” by Paul M. Shevchuk.
  • “Cut to Pieces: The Cavalry Fight at Fairfield, Pennsylvania, July 3rd, 1863” by Paul M. Shevchuk.
  • “The Gettysburg Campaign after Pickett’s Charge” by Dr. Harry W. Pfanz.
  • “General Isaac R. Trimble in Captivity” by Roger Long.


  • “Part 1: Heavy Was Their Loss: Joe Davis’ Brigade at Gettysburg” by Terrence J. Winschel.
  • “Old Soldiers and War Talk-The Controversy Over the Opening Infantry Fight at Gettysburg” by Lance J. Herdegen.
  • “Here Was Made Out Our Last and Hopeless Stand-the ‘Lost’ Gettysburg Reports of the Nineteenth Indiana” by Alan D. Gaff.
  • “The 11th Army Corps on July 1, 1863 – ‘The Unlucky 11th ‘ ” by D. Scott Hartwig.
  • “Time on Little Round Top” by James R. Wright.
  • “Effects of Marksmanship-A Lesson from Gettysburg” by John J. Pullen.
  • “The Fight for Brinkerhoff’s Ridge, July 2, 1863” by Paul M. Shevchuk.
  • “Paper Collars: Stannard’s Brigade at Gettysburg” by Tony L. Trimble.
  • “The 1st Texas Infantry and the Repulse of Farnsworth’s Charge” by Paul M. Shevchuk.
  • “The Confederate Prisoners of Gettysburg” by Roger Long.
  • “The Removal of the Confederate Dead at Gettysburg” by Edward G. J. Richter.
  • “Black Glory: Our Afro-American Civil War Old-Soldiery” by Jay S. Hoar.


  • “Gettysburg’s Preview of War: Early’s June 25, 1863, Raid” by Linda J. Black.
  • “The Signal Corps at Gettysburg” by Col. Bill Cameron.
  • The Supreme Moment In Its Existence – The 140th New York on Little Round Top” by Brian Bennett.
  • “Caldwell Clears the Wheatfield” by Eric Campbell.
  • “The Wounding of Albert Jenkins, July 2, 1863” by Paul M. Shevchuk.
  • “To Gain a Second Star: The Forgotten George S. Greene” by Wayne E. Motts.
  • “Part II : Heavy Was Their Loss: Joe Davis’ Brigade at Gettysburg” by Terrence L. Winschel.
  • “A Rendezvous at Gettysburg: Identification of a Group of Unknown Dead” by Earl J. Coates.
  • “Wasted Valor: The Confederate Dead at Gettysburg” by Gregory A. Coco.
  • “The Indiana Relief Effort at Gettysburg” by Alan D. Gaff.
  • “John B. Bachelder: Government Historian at the Battle of Gettysburg” by Richard Allen Sauers.


  • “Part 1: Posey’s Brigade at Gettysburg” by Terrence J. Winschel.
  • “Francis Asbury Wallar: A Medal of Honor at Gettysburg” by William J. K. Beaudot.
  • “A Mississippian in the Railroad Cut” by Roger Long.
  • “The Lieutenant Who Arrested a General” by Lance J. Herdegen.
  • “Rodes On Oak Hill: A Study of Rodes’ Division on the First Day of Gettysburg” by Massy Griffin.
  • “Dilger’s Battery at Gettysburg” by Kenneth M. Kepf.
  • “The Lost Hours of ‘JEB’ Stuart” by Paul M. Shevchuk.
  • “Forgotten Field: The Cavalry Battle East of Gettysburg on July 3, 1963” by Marshall D. Krolick.
  • “It Struck Horror To Us All” by D. Scott Hartwig.
  • “The Signal Corps at Gettysburg Part II: Support of Meade’s Pursuit” by Col. Bill Cameron.
  • “The Confederate Signal Corps at Gettysburg” by David Winfred Gaddy.
  • “Gettysburg Controversy” by Richard A. Sauers.
  • “Attack and Counterattack.”


  • “A. P. Hill’s Advance to Gettysburg” by Douglas Craig Haines.
  • “The Death of Iverson’s Brigade” by Gerard A. Patterson
  • “The Deadly Embrace: The Meeting of the Twenty-fourth Regiment, Michigan Infantry and the Twenty-sixth Regiment of North Carolina Troops at McPherson’s Woods, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 1, 1863” by R. Lee Hadden
  • “Kershaw’s Brigade at Gettysburg” by Mac Wyckoff.
  • “Baptism of Fire: The Ninth Massachusetts Battery at Gettysburg, July, 2, 1863” by Eric Campbell.
  • “The First Minnesota at Gettysburg” by Robert W. Meinhard.
  • “Posey’s Brigade at Gettysburg, Part II ” by Terrence J. Winschel.
  • “Pickett’s Charge: The Reason Why” by Henry J. Greenberg.
  • “The Death and Burials of General Richard Brooke Garnett” by Stephen Davis.
  • “The Effects of Artillery Fire on Infantry at Gettysburg” by Thomas L. Elmore.
  • “Reunion at Gettysburg” by Elizabeth Lewis.
  • “Attack and Counterattack.”


  • “War Comes to Professor Michael Jacobs” by Linda G. Black.
  • “Through Blood And Fire At Gettysburg” by Joshua L. Chamberlain
  • “Skirmishers” by Thomas L. Elmore.
  • “Shadow Passing: The Tragic Story of Norval Welch and the Sixteenth Michigan at Gettysburg and Beyond” by John Michael Gibney.
  • “Humbugging the Historian: A Reappraisal of Longstreet” by Roger J. Greezicki, Esq.
  • “Black Confederates at Gettysburg-1863” by Richard Rollins.
  • “A Call of Leadership: Lt. Col. Charles Redington Mudge, U.S.V. and the Second Massachusetts at Gettysburg” by Anthony J. Milano.
  • “Turning the Pages of History: A New Draft of the Gettysburg Address Located” by Lloyd Ostendorf
  • “‘What a Deadly Trap We Were In:’ Archer’s Brigade on July 1, 1863″ by Marc and Beth Storch”
  • “Pye’s Sword at the Railroad Cut” by Wiley Sword.
  • “The Colors Are Shrouded in Mystery” by Terrence J. Winschel.
  • “Humphreys’ Division’s Flank March to Little Round Top” by James A. Woods.
  • “The Wounding of Maj. Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock” by Steven J. Wright.


  • “‘Remember Harper’s Ferry !’: The Degradation, Humiliation, and Redemption of Col. George L. Willard’s Brigade, Part I” by Eric A. Campbell.
  • “‘His Left Was Worth a Glance:’ Meade and the Union Left on July 2, 1863” by David B. Downs.
  • “The Attack and Repulse of Steuart’s Brigade on Culp’s Hill” by Thomas L. Elmore.
  • “The Philadelphia Brigade at Gettysburg” by Gary G. Lash.
  • “General Orders Number 72: ‘By Command of Gen. R. E. Lee'” by Roger Long.
  • “Col. Strong Vincent and the Eighty-third Pennsylvania Infantry at Little Round Top” by Kevin O’Brien.
  • “An Iron Brigade Captain’s Revolver in the Fight on McPherson’s Ridge” by Wiley Sword.
  • “Seventy-fifth Anniversary of Gettysburg” by Mark Tooley.
  • “‘Agate:’ Whitelaw Reid Reports from Gettysburg” by Tony L. Trimble.
  • “Twenty-first Mississippi” by Terrence J. Winschel.
  • “A Gettysburg Encounter” by Roger Long.


  • “The Gordon – Barlow Story, with Sequel” by John J. Pullen.
  • “Captain James Glenn’s Sword and Private J. Marshall Hill’s Enfield in the Fight for the Lutheran Cemetery” by Wiley Sword.
  • “The Hardtack Regiment in the Brickyard Fight” by Mark H. Dunkelman and Michael J. Winey.
  • “The Saviors of Little Round Top” by Col. Alexander W. Cameron.
  • “Gettysburg and the 17th Maine” by William Barnes Jordan, Jr.
  • “Private Robert G. Carter and the 22d Massachusetts at Gettysburg” by Anthony J. Milano.
  • “North Carolina and the Pickett-Pettigrew-Trimble Charge at Gettysburg” by Michael W. Taylor.
  • “‘Remember Harper’s Ferry!’ The Degradation, Humiliation, and Redemption of Col. George L. Willard’s Brigade, Part II ” by Eric Campbell.
  • “The Gettysburg Experience of James J. Kirkpatrick” by Terrence J. Winschel.
  • “Elmina Keeler Spencer: Matron, 147th New York” by E. F. Conklin.


  • “The March of the 124th New York to Gettysburg” by Gary Lash.
  • “R.S. Ewell’s Command, June 29-July 1” by Douglas Haines.
  • “Pursuing the Elusive ‘Cannoneer'” by Silas Felton
  • “Defending Watson’s Battery” by James A Woods.
  • SERIES: Personal Battle Weapons of the Civil War: “Capt. McKee’s Revolver and Captain Seller’s Sword With Weed’s Brigade at Little Round Top.” by Wiley Sword.
  • “Two Roads to Gettysburg: Thomas Leiper Kane and the 13th Pennsylvania Reserves” by John D. Imhof.
  • “Remembering the 14th Connecticut Volunteers” by John Archer.
  • “‘A Perfect Roar of Musketry:’ Candy’s Brigade in the Fight For Culp’s Hill” by Kevin E. O’Brien.
  • “The Gettysburg Diary of Lieutenant William Peel” by Terrence J. Winschel.
  • “Sixth Michigan Cavalry at Falling Waters: The End of the Gettysburg Campaign” by Gary L. Bush
  • “Three Weeks at Gettysburg” by George Anna Woolsey.
  • “Gettysburg Remembers President Lincoln” by Linda Black.


  • “Brigadier General Henry Baxter’s Brigade at Gettysburg, July 1” by Gary G. Lash.
  • “Joseph Latimer, The ‘Boy Major’ at Gettysburg” by Jay Jorgensen.
  • “Two New York Swords in the Fight For Culp’s Hill: Colonel James C. Lane’s and Captain Nicholas Grumbach’s” by Wiley Sword and Mike Shotwell.
  • “A Signal Sergeant at Gettysburg: The Diary of Luther C. Furst” by Alexander W. Cameron.
  • “The Union Second Corps Hospital at Gettysburg, July 2 to August 8 , 1863” by Roland R. Maust.
  • “Major Joseph H. Saunders, 33rd North Carolina, C.S.A.” by Roger Long.
  • “Never Heard Before on the American Continent” by Peter S. Carmichael.
  • “Attack and Counterattack.”