Works of John B. Bachelder

Bachelder Papers: Gettysburg in their own words

A collection of 2,081 pages of letters from the officers and men of both armies to the official historian of Gettysburg. All written in an effort to fix correctly the details of the battle. This mass of correspondence between John Bachelder and the participants of the battle, both Union and Confederate, is arranged in chronological order from 1863-1894. The entire series in three volumes is now ready to mail accompanied by seven black and white maps with grid marks to help locate the positions in the text. Price with shipping is 110.00.

Bachelder Paper Volume I:

Bachelder Paper Volume II

Bachelder Paper Volume III:

Bachelder Maps

These are in color and have been reproduced exactly like the only set in existence which remains in the Gettysburg National Military Park archives. The maps are shipped flat, and now 250.00.

Bachelder’s History of the Battle of Gettysburg

Transcribed, edited, annotated and by David L. and Audrey J. Ladd.

The 842-page History of the Battle contains 34 fold-out maps to illustrate the action, as well as a detailed index. It is available at the price of 60.00